At the forefront of the ventilation and fan equipment market

Manrose Manufacturing Limited is a leading manufacturer of domestic ventilation fans and equipment. Manrose offer mechanical extract ventilation fans, heat recovery products, hand driers, electrical heating systems and cooling products. Manrose provides accessories, such as electrical controllers, electrical speed controllers, roof vent kits, ducting and ventilation accessories, and boxed venting kits. Our products are used in various domestic and commercial applications.

Thanks to an understanding of local needs and standards, Manrose are able to design products that are ideally suited to UK installers and fully compliant with the latest legislation. This commitment to quality has also enabled us to make highly profitable inroads into the Far Eastern markets, reversing the general trend and creating more exports for the UK. This is clear evidence that the benefits of innovative design, ease of installation, energy efficiency and sensible pricing we bring to the UK market are also appreciated further afield.

At the heart of Manrose's operation is a total commitment to the UK market, evidenced by the ongoing expansion of manufacturing facilities. Our production facility is fully operational and we operate 27 state-of-the-art moulding machines, ranging from 25 tonnes to 450 tonnes. Our capabilities also include three extrusion machines for flat channel ducting, as well as five machines for the production of PVC and aluminium foil ducting.

A sealed cooling system for the machinery allows the facility to operate 24 hours a day, developing and manufacturing new families of fans encompassing domestic, commercial and industrial applications. As does the fully automated drying and material feed system, the automatic colour dosing system and the state of the art conveyor system that delivers moulding to a central position for sorting, checking and packing.

Also impressive is the electronic assembly system, where dedicated teams work together in assembling equipment with great skill in a positive working environment.

Located in Reading, our fleet of vehicles provides fast access to the country's main arteries, ensuring quick delivery from our extensive warehouse, where we hold four weeks of stock at any one time.

One of our products, the humidistat fan is controlled in relation of humidity levels in the space rather than a pre-set run time. This ensures that the space is thoroughly ventilated without wasting energy through over-ventilating. Similar efficiency improvements are afforded by our occupancy-controlled fans, which switch off when the space has been vacated for a pre-set time. In enabling fans to interact with their environment in this way, Manrose provides end users with a high level of comfort with minimal cost of ownership.

Manrose's innovations are the result of listening to customers and understanding their needs. With energy efficiency now a prime consideration, and often compulsory for new buildings, we have ensured that all of our products offer optimum performance, as well as introducing added value features such as the humidistat controlled fan.