About Us

Established in 1987, Manrose, a prominent UK-based manufacturer, stands at the forefront of producing domestic ventilation fans and equipment. Our extensive product range includes mechanical extract ventilation fans, heat recovery devices, hand dryers, electrical heating systems, and cooling products.

Beyond the core products, Manrose complements its offerings with a variety of accessories, encompassing electrical controllers, speed controllers, roof vent kits, ducting, ventilation accessories, and boxed venting kits. Our products find applications in diverse settings, serving both domestic and commercial needs.

The driving force behind Manrose’s innovations lies in a customer-centric approach, attuned to the evolving requirements of our clientele. In response to the growing emphasis on energy efficiency, a pivotal consideration in contemporary construction, we have meticulously designed all our products to deliver optimal performance. Furthermore, we have introduced value-added features, such as the humidistat-controlled fan, to enhance the functionality of our offerings.

Despite our growth as a company, Manrose remains steadfast in upholding our founding principles. We take pride in delivering high-quality, reliable, and British-made products. This commitment reflects in every aspect of our business, ensuring that customers can trust Manrose for cutting-edge solutions that align with their expectations.