Being a professional electrician, we understand your day is busy with design, install, maintenance and troubleshooting electrical wiring systems. Each day you work on new projects that require you to solve different problems.

But when it comes to bathroom ventilation or kitchen ventilation, we are here to make your work life easier and solve the problem for you. We understand you are looking for products that are easy to install, meet the specification and building regulations, are quiet when operating as well as have an effective performance.

Our products are designed to tick all these boxes for you, helping you to provide great customer service and leaving your customers satisfied with a job well-done.​

When faced with many options, often the question is, what type of extractor fan should you install. Well, installing a fan through an outside wall is the easiest, most direct way, to fit a fan such as the Manrose Axial Fan Range. For larger properties or where long ducts are needed, a centrifugal fan or in line fan can be used. Options here would be the CF100 from the Centrifugal Fan Range or the MF100 from the MixFlo in line fan range. Try to avoid mounting fans on plasterboard ceilings or stud partition walls since vibrations can amplify noise. Look out for variable speed models where the fan speed can be adjusted to meet the individual airflow needs of the project. This is especially helpful with long duct runs.

There are also various control options for a fan. Many extractor fans are turned on and off with the light switch. To effectively clear a room of moisture laden air, an extractor fan needs to keep running after the person has left the room (and turned off the light). By installing a run-on-timer fan, you can set the fan to keep running for a set amount of time after the light has been turned off. Have a look at Manrose MG100 from the Gold Range. This ensures you clear the bathroom of steamy air. Timers can be adjusted to suit the size of the bathroom and it’s ventilation needs.

Some fans like the Quiet Fan Conceal Range feature a humidistat which is a sensor that detects moist air and then automatically extracts it. The fan will turn itself off again once humidity has reduced. Top tip, if you choose an IPX5 fan  or  Zone 1 fan you can install it anywhere (except inside the sink/bath basin) as it is safe to install it in the splash zone of a bathroom. To find out more about the different zones, click here.

A noisy fan might also become a concern for your customers when specifying a ventilation unit for the project and you might be asked to install a quiet fan. The noise of a fan is measured in dB(A) and the lower the number the quieter the fan will be. The Manrose Silent Fan Conceal offers a low sound level of only 16dB(A). This fan allows households to benefit from a bathroom free from condensation and mould without having to put up with the annoying drone associated with many bathroom fans.

Installing ventilation brings many opportunities for electricians like you. By learning the basics and getting them right, you can add value to projects and offer valuable advice to your customers when choosing a bathroom fan. For more fan options and to find the right product for your jobs click here to use our helpful product filter or visit your local electrical wholesaler for further ventilation advice.

We also have a very helpful technical support team who can assist you by talking through product information and help to find the right product for your needs. All details can be found under Contact Us. 

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