Manrose Launches PIV – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Manrose, a leading UK-based ventilation manufacturer, has launched its new Lo-Watt Pivotal Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) making it as easy as 1, 2, 3 for installers and homeowners to combat condensation and mould in the home. Designed to remove stale, moist air from the home and replace it with filtered, drier air, to prevent the moisture build up that can cause condensation and mould, the Lo-Watt Pivotal is also energy efficient, cost effective; and offers effortless, easy installation. This makes it a win-win for wholesalers, electricians and households alike.

Designed to prevent and treat condensation and mould quickly, the Lo-Watt Pivotal is perfect for refurbished properties since it is easy to fit for installers and discreet for homeowners. Loft-mounted, the Lo-Watt Pivotal effectively combats condensation and damp problems by introducing fresh, dry air into a property to regulate moisture levels. The positive input fan draws fresh air from the loft, filters it and gently feeds it into the dwelling via a ceiling-mounted diffuser. Clean, drier, fresh filtered air dilutes and replaces contaminated, moisture-laden air.

For households the energy efficient Lo-Watt Pivotal is also an attractive option due to its low sound levels and low running costs, vital in the current cost of living crisis. The Lo-Watt Pivotal saves energy by using tempered air from the loft and recycling the heat for free; it retains energy while also featuring high efficiency, long-lasting Lo-Watt motors that reduce running costs. The unit is also made using recycled material offering a more sustainable choice for households.

For installers, the Lo-Watt Pivotal is a breath of fresh air and is effortlessly installed. The PIV unit is simple to install and commission in any size loft with only a hole in the ceiling required to fit the diffuser, no external penetrations are needed. Designed to make both electricians and electrical wholesalers’ lives easier, the PIV comes complete with a ceiling diffuser, flexible duct and G4 filters, plus hanging kit and floor mounting base all as standard. Easy and safe to carry the lightweight PIV features a handle incorporated into the unit, which is especially useful when lifting the unit through loft hatches.

“The Manrose Lo-Watt Pivotal is as easy as 1, 2, 3 when it comes to offering a solution to combating condensation and mould in the home. Not only does the PIV reduce condensation and mould but is also energy efficient and cost effective, vital for households in the current cost of living crisis. For installers the Lo-Watt Pivotal offers effortless, easy installation with no external penetrations required, allowing for a fit-and-forget system with a five-year filter life,” says Stuart Eglin, Sales Director at Manrose.

Offering fully adjustable airflow between 19l/s to 49ls, speed selection is simple. Once the house size is selected based on the number of bedrooms, the Lo-Watt Pivotal automatically selects the correct ‘Trickle’ and ‘Energy Recovery’ speeds. The speed can also be adjusted manually if needed and the control interface can be locked to ensure the settings are not tampered with.

The PIV’s white circular diffuser is easily installed and fitted in a central location in a property. Easy fix features allow for installation against uneven ceiling surfaces with no gaps. The diffuser is designed to reduce air supply noise while increasing performance by 10%. The easy clip blanking plates help to control airflow into the property.

Another benefit of the Lo-Watt Pivotal is that it offers a ‘Radon’ mode setting for properties that are affected by high radon gas levels. This setting means the unit will run continuously to ensure a constant supply of good quality indoor air to protect residents from harmful gases.

The Lo-Watt Pivotal also features a specially developed Lo-Watt DC fan/motor arrangement which runs quietly and delivers incredibly low running costs. With resident comfort vital, the Lo-Watt Pivotal uses a sensor to monitor the temperature in the loft, automatically adjusting the air volume when necessary. Resident comfort can be assured through an option to change the temperature at which the unit increases or decreases airflow.

Improving indoor air quality for households, the Lo-Watt Pivotal is supplied with G4 filters (PM10 filtration) that are up to 5 years maintenance free. These G4 filters help protect against many everyday pollutants such as pollen and dust.

Two models of the Lo-Watt Pivotal are available in the range, with the Lo-Watt Pivotal with 500W heater supplied with a heater fitted to the unit, this helps reduce the chill as fresh air enters the property. The controls allow the Lo-Watt Pivotal with 500W heater to be adjusted making it adaptable for different lifestyles.

The Lo-Watt Pivotal will continuously ventilate silently in the background while in ‘Trickle’ mode. Once the unit automatically senses excess heat being lost into the loft, the airflow will increase to ‘Energy Recovery’ mode to recover heat that would otherwise be lost through the roof. During summer months should the loft exceed 27°C (adjustable) the unit will enter ‘Standby’ mode in order to stop the circulation of warm air allowing for a more comfortable living environment. The Lo-Watt Pivotal with 500W Heater automatically turns on the heater to warm up the fresh incoming air.

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