Manrose Helps Make Ventilation Sustainable

Manrose, a leading UK-based ventilation manufacturer, is helping make ventilation sustainable for electrical wholesalers and electricians through continuously improving processes to reduce waste throughout its products’ lifecycle. Furthermore, the company is significantly increasing the use of recycled plastic from the circular economy in the manufacture of its products.

Manrose has set itself sustainability targets, each geared towards achieving significant improvements by the end of FY2025. The company’s Lo-Watt products will help customers reduce the energy they use for ventilation and by the end of FY2025, the company is aiming for 70% of its sales from this product range. Additionally, Manrose is investing in R&D & manufacturing technology to develop fans from recycled sources with 90% of the plastic used in its facilities to be from recycled sources by the end of FY2025, without compromising on quality or reliability.

The company is already investing in the planet and helping customers make sustainable choices. 100% of its PVC ducting is already made from recycled window frames, and plastics extracted from old fridges are used to create ducting components. Meanwhile, the company’s pioneering MF100 inline fan was first manufactured from recovered material in 2018 and today, it is made from 93% recycled plastic. In addition, Manrose has invested in new energy efficient moulding and tooling equipment for its manufacturing site, offering increased supply capacity based on demand, while reducing its impact on the environment.

“Increasingly our customers are looking for more sustainable products and we are aiming to make this as easy as possible for them. They have always known Manrose for its reliability and now we are helping make ventilation sustainable for them too, without having to compromise on either reliability or performance”, explains Clive Britton, Senior Sales Director at Manrose. “The move from virgin to recycled plastic in our products followed significant R&D, including extensive material and product testing and analysis, as well as investment in specialist manufacturing equipment. This has allowed Manrose to manufacture products in recycled plastic without affecting the function or performance.”

Manrose is making it easy for electrical wholesalers and electricians to identify products made with recycled plastic. All these products feature a recycled plastic label to indicate that it has partly been manufactured using recycled materials in support of making its ventilation products sustainable.

Manrose and its wider sister companies are diverting 200 tonnes of PVC from landfill by ensuring 100% of its PVC ducting is made from recycled sources. The Group is also recycling the polystyrene content from old fridges to make High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) for all rigid ducting accessories. This will save 63,000 fridges a year from going to landfill.

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