Manrose IPX5 Quiet Fan makes a splash

When it comes to bathroom ventilation it is vital that electrical wholesalers consider the key benefits of: ease of install; quiet operation and effective performance. The Manrose IPX5 Quiet Fan is designed to tick all these boxes for customers, satisfying both electricians and households alike.

The Manrose IPX5 Quiet Fan incorporates a high extraction rate of 20.8 l/s. The Fan has an incredibly quiet running volume of just 27dB (A), over 60% quieter than a standard 4” (100mm) domestic fan. This allows households to benefit from a bathroom free from mould and condensation without having to put up with the annoying drone associated with many bathroom fans. In addition, the fan’s IPX5 rating means it can be safely installed within Zone 1 without the need for a low voltage transformer, which is handy in a small bathroom or shower room where space is at a premium.

Designed for wall and ceiling mounting, this reliable Quiet Fan is made from high gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability. It features a low energy motor with a maximum consumption of 7 Watts and a low SFP of 0.33w/l/s. The IPX5 Quiet fan comes complete with integral backdraught shutters and is double insulated so does not require an earth.

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