IJBH55500 Thermal Horizontal 90 Degree Bend 204 x 60mm

  • Degree: 90
  • Size: 204 x 60mm

This part comes in grey; Whilst we will look to maintain the colour of Grey, by the nature of adopting a recycled plastic the colour and shade may vary at any given time. To find out more please visit our sustainability page www.manrose.co.uk/sustainable

Product Type Adaptors
Warranty 3yr
Lo-Watt Yes
    Description Insulated horizontal bend. 8l/s = 0.7Pa, 13l/s = 1.7Pa, 21l/s = 4.1Pa, 29l/s = 8.4Pa, 37l/s = 13Pa, 45l/s = 18Pa, 53l/s = 25Pa, 61l/s = 34Pa.