XFA150BS Kitchen Fan Automatic Shutters 150mm

Cat. No XFA150BS
  • Designed for wall, ceiling or window mounting, the Automatic extractor fan range is available in ten options, all incorporating thermo-activated internal shutters behind the interior grille which open silently approximately 45 seconds after the fan is switched on.
  • The range is available in three sizes – 100mm (4″), 120mm (5″) and 150mm (6″).
  • The extract rate of the 100mm series is 85m³/hr, 23 litres per second, whilst the 120mm units for larger bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms are 56% more powerful with an impressive extract rate of 130m³/hr, 36 litres per second. The largest fan in this range, the 150mm (6″), has a maximum performance of 230m³/hr, 64 litres per second.
  • Power is provided by a single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a maintenance-free life.
  • The units are all manufactured using high gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning.
XFA150BS Kitchen Fan Automatic Shutters 150mm
Product Type Axial Fans
Room Type Kitchen, Utility
Warranty 3yr
Grille Type Open