Manrose Quiet Fan X5 Offers Quiet Solution to Meet Household Demand

Demand for quieter products in the home is still on the rise. According to a recent National Noise Report from Quiet Mark, 82% of adults surveyed said it matters how loud an appliance is when buying a product. The Quiet Mark National Noise Report 2023 also revealed 84% of respondents said it is important to have quiet time to recharge themselves. This is positive news for bathroom fans like the Manrose Quiet Fan X5 since what better place to recharge than an oasis of calm in a peaceful bathroom? The Quiet Fan X5 has proved very popular since its launch due to its quiet operation, easy install, aesthetics, and environmental credentials – making it attractive to wholesalers, electricians, and households alike.

With our lives becoming ever busier and noisier, households are looking for quiet spaces in their homes. Nobody wants to listen to a noisy fan while having a bath or shower. The Quiet Fan X5, from British ventilation manufacturer Manrose, therefore has an incredibly quiet running volume as low as just 25dB(A), while offering an impressively high extraction rate of 90m³/hr. This means moisture laden air is removed to avoid condensation and mould while improving indoor air quality. And with the energy crisis continuing, the Quiet Fan X5’s low energy motor with a maximum consumption of six watts and a low SFP of 0.24w/l/s is the ideal solution for energy-conscious households.

“We are still seeing high demand for quiet products. For households looking for a fan that is quiet, energy-efficient, reliable and easy to install, the Quiet Fan X5 is the perfect solution. And with all models offering very low noise levels, the Manrose Quiet Fan X5 will let customers enjoy a peaceful and comfortable home, without noise-related stress and so help avoid callbacks”, says Stuart Eglin, Sales Director at Manrose. “The tiled-like façade model is a stylish option that will suit any bathroom. It’s a great choice for electrical wholesalers, electricians and households alike with its three-year warranty, low energy motor and a low Specific Fan Power (SFP) for lower energy bills.”

The stylish Manrose Quiet Fan X5 range ticks all the right boxes, with the fan offering ultra-low sound levels, as well as being IPX5 compliant so offering simple and flexible installation. Boasting Manrose’s renowned reliability, while providing effective and efficient ventilation, the Quiet Fan X5 is proving popular with electrical wholesalers, electricians and households. Households are impressed by both its performance and good looks, since it is available with an attractive new tile-like façade. As a result, electricians are set to benefit from more happy customers and improved five-star review ratings.

Offering an ideal upsell for electricians, the Quiet Fan X5 range offers an extraction rate as impressively high as 90m³/hr, while maintaining an incredibly quiet running volume as low as just 25dB(A). With all models offering ultra-low sound levels, the Manrose Quiet Fan X5 will allow households to relax in comfort, free from noise-related stress and so help to avoid call-backs. Add to that the fan’s IPX5 rating that means it can be safely installed within Zone 1 without the need for a low voltage transformer, and it’s the ideal choice for a small bathroom, shower room or toilet, where space is at a premium.

The range features a low energy motor with a maximum consumption of 6 Watts and an SFP as low as 0.24w/l/s, the Quiet Fan X5 offers an energy efficient option for electricians to offer their customers. Meanwhile, its high quality, long-life motors are continuously rated and warranted for a minimum of 30,000 hours or 3 years. Available with a range of control options including Basic, Timer, Humidistat and PIR, the Quiet Fan X5 is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting offering install flexibility.

The attractive Quiet Fan X5 is not only good looking, but also rugged, and is manufactured using high gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability. The Quiet Fan X5 comes complete with integral backdraught shutters and is double insulated so does not require an earth. The unit also includes a performance enhancing turning vane system located in the spigot to improve performance by maintaining a high output. The Quiet Fan X5 range complies with both Part F & L of the Building Regulations.

As well as the Quiet Fan X5 offering great features, it’s also important to choose a manufacturer with good environmental credentials. For example, 100% of Manrose’s PVC ducting is made from recycled window frames and plastics extracted from old fridges are used to create ducting components. In addition, Manrose has invested in new energy efficient moulding and tooling equipment for its manufacturing site, offering increased supply capacity based on demand, while reducing its impact on the environment.

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