COMCW230MP Wall Ceiling Commercial Fan Internal Shutters Pullcord 230mm

Cat. No COMCW230MP
  • The Manrose Commercial Range now incorporates surface wall and ceiling mounted models. Available in 150mm (6″) 230mm (9″) and 300mm (12″). This range of Spigot Fans gives the unit a unique slimline profile of 66mm on the 150mm (6″) series up to 81mm on the 300mm (12″) series, and are suitable for connecting to Ducting. Available in soft neutral grey, they cover a wide range of commercial applications and public service sectors.
  • As with their window counterparts the shutters are incorporated into the internal louvre which protects the shutters from vandalism.
  • The series now incorporates the latest ventilation technology and a new stylish design the commercial range has an extract rate of 278m³/hr, 77 litres per second for the 150mm (6″) unit 668m³/hr, 185 litres per second with the 230mm (9″) unit and 1100m³/hr, 306 litres per second on the larger 300mm (12″) units.
  • These fans are all manufactured using high impact ABS thermoplastics for strength and durable aesthetics. The easy cleaning ABS is also of recyclable material. For 230mm (9″) and 300mm (12″) models power is provided by a 4 pole single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long maintenance free life. The 150mm (6″) version is fitted with a shaded pole motor with ball bearings.
  • Also available are stylish speed controllers on the full range. The COMTSCV variable speed controller is suitable for the 150mm (6″) series. While the COMTSVR variable / reversible controller is suitable for 230mm (9″) and 300mm (12″) series.
COMCW230MP Wall Ceiling Commercial Fan Internal Shutters Pullcord 230mm
Product Type Axial Fans
Warranty 3yr
Grille Type Open