COMTK300A Commercial Fan Kit Internal Shutters 300mm

Cat. No COMTK300A
  • The commercial series of built-in wall fans has been designed for flush fitting into external walls, fitting through most wall thicknesses using zinc coated metal telescopic wall liners. Installation is made simple in solid or cavity walls 155-300mm thick, or in walls up to 553mm thick using an extension sleeve.
  • The extractor fan unit and internal grille are also available separately as they are designed to retro fit into most leading commercial wall fan liners, which minimises the need for making good and redecoration or removal of existing wall liners.
  • The internal and external grilles are a single tough moulding. This greatly reduces vandalism and increases building security whilst only 23mm in profile. They have a 50mm flange for a smooth finish, which will blend unobtrusively into most backgrounds.
  • Incorporating the latest ventilation technology and stylish design, these high performance extractor fans have an extract rate up to 278m³/hr, 77 litres per second for the 150mm unit, 668m³/hr, 185 litres per second for the 230mm units and 1100m³/hr, 306 litres per second on the larger 300mm.
  • In the 230mm and 300mm models power is provided by a 4 pole single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long, maintenance free life. The 150mm version is fitted with a shaded pole motor with ball bearings.
COMTK300A Commercial Fan Kit Internal Shutters 300mm
Product Type Axial Fans
Warranty 3yr
Grille Type Open