DHRIWKW Deluxe Quick Internal Fit Wall Kit White

  • The Manrose Deluxe Quick Internal Fit Wall Kit can be installed entirely from the inside of a property, reducing installation time and removing the need for costly and time consuming external grille fitting involving scaffolding.
  • This innovative new wall kit includes an adjustable wall liner and external grille with a rubber seal on the outside of the building.
  • The wall kit can be adjusted to wall thicknesses anywhere between 225mm and 390mm – just measure the wall, then use the guide on the tube of the wall kit to set it to the correct length.
  • Simply insert the tube into the hole, deploy the external grille and 3 pins will hold the wall kit securely in place. The external grille and seal can then be pulled back against the external wall so a tight fit can be achieved.
  • The external rubber seal covers up any break-out on the external hole and leaves a clean, tidy finish. In addition, the rubber seal will help to protect against water ingress.
DHRIWKW Deluxe Quick Internal Fit Wall Kit White
Product Type Wall Kits
Warranty 2yr