This product is now obsolete and no longer available from Manrose. The information here is provided for reference only.

PROCFSLKC Professional Showerlite Fan Kit

  • A powerful high performance In-line mixed flow fan. This is capable of extracting 245m³/hr 68l/s, which exceeds the Building regulations. A bracket is also included for easy fan installation in the roof.
  • An attractive powerful 120mm/5″ Showerlite with a built in extended reducer, to reduce to 100mm/4″. The Showerlite fan has an attractive chrome finish and is a sealed unit for total IP waterproof protection. It provides a rich warm glow of soft light to enhance any bathroom.
  • One additional inlet; this is a circular internal white grille which has a unique design, and will fit unobtrusively into any room.
  • 10 metres of 100mm/4″ flexible PVC ducting. This long length enables you to adapt the installation in any size room.
  • An external wall grille; the in-line fan extracts through the egg crate wall grille, which fits into the external soffit.
PROCFSLKC Professional Showerlite Fan Kit
Product Type Fan Lights
Room Type Bathroom, Ensuite
Warranty 3yr
Grille Type Open